1962-65 Nova/Chevy II
1962-65 Nova/Chevy II

1962-65 Nova/Chevy II

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Electric Trunk Latch Release Kit.

This kit fits 1962 - 65 Nova/Chevy II.  

Included in this kit is a new electric trunk latch, a new updated or modified factory original lid catch, all of the wiring, connectors and a switch. We even send you new bolts for the latch and catch.  Also included is a new trunk lock gasket, detailed installation instructions and templates if applicable.  * Switch may be different due to supply chain issues.  See photo for substitue.*

With this kit you will have the option to open the trunk by a push of a button or you can use the key.  This kit can also be used with our MI 700 keyless entry kit and most aftermarket security alarm systems. 
(check with the alarm installer)


NOTE: This kit does require that the factory trunk latch cut-out area be trimmed to allow the electric latch to fit.  This trimming of the metal does not affect the way the factory latch fits into the cut-out if the owner decides to re-install the factory latch at a later date.


Part Number - MI 830