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1967-72 Chevy/GMC Truck- Actuator Installation

1967-72 Chevy/GMC Truck- Actuator Installation

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Fits 1967-72 Chevy/GMC trucks.

We have developed an installation kit for power door locks that answers all the questions of "Where and how do I install power door lock actuators in the 1967-72 Chevy/GMC trucks."
With these kits you can correctly install the MI 700 keyless entry kit in your 67-72 Chevy or GMC truck or any MES gun style actuator equipped system for years of dependable service.
Most installations for power door locks on these trucks have you attach a rod from the actuator to the top of the door lock rod.  This attachment can be up to 10 inches away from the actuator.  This distance can cause flexing of the rod which in turn does not give you the full force of the actuator on the locking mechanism.
This kit's actuator rods are rigid and attach directly to the door latch to allow the most force from the actuator. 

 Each kit includes powder coated machined actuator rods, rod clips, mounting hardware, detailed instructions and drill templates.

Part Number - MI 930